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Acupuncture at Workday!

Workday employees now have on-site acupuncture services in the brand new Fitness and Wellness Center at Building 6000 on Tuesday mornings and Fridays provided by Dr. Jee, a veteran practitioner with over 15 years of active patient experience with clinics currently in San Ramon and Los Altos/Mountain View. Make an appointment online by visiting:


Call with any questions or special appointment time requests at (925) 967-2889. Scroll down for more details!

We are IN-network for Cigna which covers acupuncture treatments. Co-pays typically range between $20 – $30 for each visit and apply after meeting any deductibles.
Self pay rates are $95 for the first treatment visit and $65 for follow ups. Packages are available at $600 for 12 visits. Payment types accepted: HSA, FSA, credit cards, cash and checks. Families are welcome to visit our off-site locations in Los Altos or San Ramon.

What can I expect on my first visit?

A full customized body constitution consultation, exam and acupuncture treatment lasting about an hour. Follow up treatments include body constitution confirmation and acupuncture lasting under 16 minutes. ***We highly recommend wearing clothing that can be rolled up to elbows and knees.***

Why body constitution?

This is where customized care begins! Knowing your body constitution means knowing how your body responds to treatment, nutrition, exercise, drugs and even the environment. Internal responses could be vastly different from someone else who might even have identical outwardly symptoms. Please see below or explore the rest of the website for additional details. ALL patients receive body constitution determination along with detailed dietary and nutritional plans. Herbs may also be formulated in a highly customized fashion as needed based on body constitutions and specific conditions. The cost of herbs are $65 per bottle and is not covered by insurance.

What makes Dr. Jee’s approach so unique and effective?

Dr. Jee specializes in Eight Constitution Medicine, an elegantly customized approach that reveals significant differences in where problems originate. Treatments are formulated by first identifying body constitutions that are determined at birth.

This approach has been at least 5X more effective than traditionally administered acupuncture in Dr. Jee’s practice of treating thousands of patients.

What’s so special about Eight Constitution Medicine?

It is highly effective and also PAINLESS. The total treatment time is completed in under 16 minutes using a revolutionary technique delivered lightning fast compared to the traditional method. With over 1 million documented clinical cases, it has been proven that longer treatment time does not equal better results!

Developed over 60 years ago in South Korea, there are currently only a handful of practitioners in the United States due to the mastery level of expertise required in determining body constitutions and delivering treatment.

Why should I know my body constitution?

It is vital to know because each body constitution has its own set of targeted formulas specific to particular conditions of the body. There are about a hundred different formulas for each body constitution so identifying the proper one affords ultra customization of treatment.
An equally important component is the detailed dietary, exercise and lifestyle coaching you will receive to know how best to feed and take care of your body during and especially after treatment. It is the best way to maintain treatment results, prevent disease and start enjoying a healthier life.