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Dr. Seoung R. Jee, OMD, LAc

Dr. Seoung R. Jee, OMD, LAc

Embracing the needs of chronic and difficult cases, Dr. Jee has been using body type specific treatment methods for the last 15 years. He has built successful practices in both Denver and the Bay Area by showing his patients a different path long before the phrase “gluten-free diet” became popular. He has treated literally thousands of people and has seen over and over again how two people with the same exact symptoms and the same Western Medicine diagnosis require completely different treatments.

Did you know that the proportional size of your internal organs could be the complete opposite of someone else?

This provides some insight as to why some people can have dairy while others are intolerant. How can someone who is born with a smaller liver handle the same amount of fat consumed as someone who isn’t? Understanding this simplified point is the start of discovering how your body was initially designed to handle certain types of foods and even certain types of exercise and activities. By utilizing this approach to your healing, Dr. Jee is able to devote his focus to helping those suffering from many “mysterious” cases and conditions managed only by constant use of drugs that suppress or damage the immune system.

Dr. Jee has also been relentless in finding the best possible acupuncture technique for his patients. He is intimately familiar with some of the popular techniques used by most acupuncturists today such as One Needle, Master Tong, Sa-Am, and the Five Elements. While all of these techniques work to some degree, Dr. Jee found that the Eight Constitution Medicine technique is the most accurate and effective in treating his patients. Only a handful of acupuncturists practice this technique in the United States as it requires a disciplined process that takes years of training and patient case experience.

Why do kids (and adults averse to needles) love this special technique?

The Eight Constitution Medicine technique is extremely safe, using hair thin needles that are inserted only 5mm deep and retracted in less than a half second. The patient typically only feels a gentle, finger tip-like touch. The acupuncture points used are also below the elbows and below the knees with a zero percent chance that any internal organs will ever be injured. Busy schedules are well accommodated by this technique as well since needles are not retained in the body as traditionally done.

In Dr. Jee’s clinical experience, the effectiveness of the Eight Constitution technique surpasses the traditional acupuncture method by 5X. Treatment responses are quicker and more dramatic and able to address the more difficult cases such as unexplained headaches and migraines, herniated discs, sciatica, severe digestive disorders and arthritis.

Dr. Jee is nationally board certified in Acupuncture by NCCAOM, the highest national standard in the US for excellence in his field, and has also been a frequently published author on the subject of Eight Constitution Medicine.