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Find out the true origin of your symptoms.

Get well for life!


Delivering Results with Gentleness and Compassion

Most people have a positive experience and a reduction in symptoms after their very first treatment.

Highly Experienced Treating Tough and Chronic Cases

Dr. Jee focuses on chronic illnesses and treating them according to eight different body constitutions. He has had particular success with gastrointestinal disorders and nerve/neurological pain cases.

Pain Free Treatments

Children and adults averse to needles do extremely well with Dr. Jee’s technique. Patients typically never feel anything more than a light finger tip-like touch as the needle is inserted and retracted for less than a half second.

Customized and Effective Preventive Medicine

Carefully managed and detailed, every established patient receives a treatment plan that not only includes acupuncture but instruction on the right foods to eat and proper activities and exercises to maintain their health. These are all vital components of care under Dr. Jee as they prevent illnesses from returning and are core to his treatment philosophy: Get Well For Life!

A quick introduction…

Conditions Treated:


GERD / Heartburn

Chronic Indigestion

Swollen Stomach

Migraines / Headaches

Anxiety / Depression


Allergies / Sinusitis


Back Pain

Nerve & Joint Pain

Chronic Fatigue

Plantar Fasciitis

Trigeminal Neuralgia